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Welcome to Clinton, NJ

Close your eyes and picture a small town with a charming historic downtown area, beautiful ponds and rivers meandering throughout, centuries-old homes, and cherry blossom-lined streets. No, it is not a movie set — though it often serves as one. It is the town of Clinton, New Jersey.

Clinton is one of the most photographed towns in New Jersey, and one look will tell you why. It looks like a postcard. Main Street is adorned with local shops, boutiques, and cafes that sit in well-preserved buildings built long ago. Parks and green spaces are scattered throughout, and the town borders the third-largest reservoir in the state. The town's beauty is just one of many reasons why people choose to call Clinton home.

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Clinton's local high school has received a Blue Ribbon School Award of Excellence from the United States Department of Education and is consistently ranked as one of the top schools in New Jersey and one of the top 1,000 schools in the United States.

It is also a great place for business. Foster Wheeler, a construction company, makes it headquarters in Clinton. Newark is approximately 40 miles away, while New York City is 50 miles from town. Interstate 78 runs through town just south of Main Street, providing commuters with easy access to both cities. Limited public transportation is also available.

Clinton's roots date back to 1829 when a post office opened in the area. It is named for former Governor of New York DeWitt Clinton, the man responsible for the Erie Canal. However, the town itself did not incorporate until 1865. The community served mostly as a mill town until the 1930s, which is evident by the two mills still standing there today.

Dining, Shopping, and Entertainment in Clinton

You will not find too much in the way of flashy entertainment venues in Clinton, but that is just part of its appeal. What you will find are historic sites, museums, parks, shops, and restaurants that attract people from all over the region. This includes the Red Mill Museum Village, which dates back to 1810. Each year it hosts the Black Potatoe Music Festival. It is also said to be haunted and has been featured on an episode of Ghost Hunters. The Hunterdon Art Museum is also located in the area, and offers over 200 fine arts classes.

When it comes to shopping and dining, head to Main Street to check out the local favorites. Throughout the historic downtown area, you will find boutique clothing, specialty and gourmet foods, a guitar shop, books, gifts, home furnishings and décor, flowers, and antiques. After all that shopping, quench your thirst at Citispot Tea and Coffee. Grab a treat from Just Chill Frozen Desserts & Creperie, J.J. Scoops, or one of the bakeries. Enjoy a fine meal at Ye Olde Sub Base, Towe Restaurant, or Clinton House.

If you prefer shopping and dining at familiar stores, you will find a few of those, too. There are some fast food joints in Clinton. Just outside of the town's eastern boundary is a shopping center that is home to Wal-Mart, Pet Valu, Shop Rite, and TJ Maxx.

Parks and Playgrounds in Clinton

When it comes to parks, playgrounds, and green spaces, Clinton is the place to be. The main attraction is the 1,290-acre Spruce Run Recreation Area, which includes the Spruce Run Reservoir, the third-largest reservoir in New Jersey. With 15 miles of shoreline, the state-run facility is a popular spot for fishing, swimming, boating, camping, hiking, and picnicking.

Throughout the community, you will also find many smaller parks and green spaces, such as Hunts Mill Park, Dunham Park, and Demott Park, which features a one-acre pond. One of the most popular playgrounds in the region is just next door in Annandale. Field of Dreams features a huge wooden castle-style playground that is perfect for hours of family-friendly fun.

Real Estate Information

Clinton has a reputation for its charming, historic architecture that often serves as a backdrop for filming movies. That reputation extends to its real estate. You will find an assortment of Victorian, Federal, and Colonial style homes that date back to the 19th and early 20th centuries. You will also find some newer construction built over the last few decades. Some townhomes are also available.
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